The surprising breakfast food a paramedic doesn’t recommend for children

A paramedic has shared the surprising breakfast food she doesn’t recommend for children — and it’s not sugary cereal.

Nikki Jurcutz, who is a former paramedic and the CEO of Tiny Hearts Education, revealed exactly why nut butters can be so dangerous, and why parents should steer clear.

“Nut butters can plug the airways, it’s thick, it’s sticky and this makes it difficult to use any type of first aid to remove it,” Nikki wrote on Instagram.

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Nikki explained that “it’s the consistency of nut butters that can essentially lead to blockages in children’s airways”.

“That’s why preparation and prevention is key for serving nut butters,” she added.

A paramedic has shared the surprising breakfast food she doesn’t recommend for children and it’s not sugary cereal.  Credit: Getty Images/Stock Image/Tiny Hearts Education

The paramedic shared her tips for serving nut butters to children.

Nikki said it is important to “use smooth peanut butter” and to “thin it down with either breastmilk/formula or water” if you think it’s likely to get stuck.

“You can then mix this concoction with other purees or soft foods,” she explained.

Nikki said that you can also apply a thin layer of on to toast.

The post resonated with parents, who wrote comments like: “I’m so glad I’ve seen this”.

Others shared horror stories of what has happened to them with peanut butter.

“Found my three-year-old eating peanut butter from the jar, took it away from him next minute he’s choking and starts to vomit but we couldn’t get his airways clear,” one mum wrote.

“I ended up having to scoop the back of his throat to which a projectile vomit cleared it. Peanut butter is kept far out of reach now.”

Another added: “Mixed with full fat Greek yogurt is what my kids loved”.

Aussie paramedic Nikki Jurcutz has shared a warning over the Easter foods which are and aren’t safe for your little ones. Credit: Instagram/Tiny Hearts Education

Nikki recently shared a post the Easter foods that are safe for your little ones and the surprising ones that aren’t.

First on the list of foods which you should be wary of is the cult family favourite, Cream Eggs.

While they are able to be squished and so can fit down tiny airways, they are also sticky on the inside — making them difficult for kids to swallow.

Next up, Nikki banned marshmallows — because they have a “sticky consistency and the shape and size can block children’s airways”.

Other foods that Nikki recommends you prohibit include tiny Easter eggs, because their “shape and size can block the airway” and they are “hard and difficult to chew”.

Hot cross buns are something you should be wary of, Nikki added, as “sultanas are a choking hazard and soft bread tends to soften and stick together forming a sticky clump”.

If you’re looking for a good hot cross bun, Nikki said you should “make sure to choose buns without small, dried fruits and that toasting the buns can make them easier to choose”.

Finally, Nikki bans chocolate eggs with nuts which are a big no due to “the whole nuts inside the chocolate which can be a choking hazard as they are hard not squishable”.

On the other side of the fence, she said there are some foods which don’t pose a risk.

These include large hollow Easter eggs, which can be squished and are very soft to eat and can be broken into smaller pieces.

Hollow chocolate bunnies are a safe option in the same way, as they are able to be squished and can also be broken into a smaller size.

People in the comments praised the post and agreed with the paramedic, thanking her for sharing the information.

“So, what you’re essentially saying is as parents we have to eat our kids Easter treats. For their safety of course,” laughed one.

“I love this page so much,” added another.

“This is so good to know,” said a third.

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