We Tried 9 TikTok Makeup And Beauty Hacks To See If They Work


TikTok is full of inspiration and beauty hacks, and while some work really well, others are very questionable. (Anything DIY in beauty should be taken with a grain of salt.)

When it comes to makeup, there’s little that can go seriously wrong, considering the results aren’t permanent and you can simply wipe it off, wash your face and move on if the look doesn’t suit you. But beauty hacks are only worthwhile when they actually work, so we tested nine of the most popular ones at the moment to see whether they’re worth trying.

1. The perfect lip combination

At the start of her 43-second video, @yokenzieb says, “Your perfect lip shade will be your eyebrow pencil, lining your lips, whatever you use for blush in the center of your lips and a gloss.” The video went viral with over 4 million views, and the hack makes sense, because the brow and blush colors you use should match your skin’s undertones. It’s a simple way to find out your supposed perfect lip shade and almost looks too easy to be true.

I used the Refy Brow Pencil in Medium, Rose Inc. Blush Divine Radiant Lip and Cheek Color in Dahlia and Jones Road Beauty Cool Gloss in Original. Although I really like the end result, I felt like a more cool-toned lip pencil would suit my lips better, however this is a very minor detail and the hack worked.

2. Ombré blush

The concept is simple ― use two blush colors to create a custom shade. Seeing as blush has been a popular item lately, this seems like an easy way to use more of your products. For this, you need cream, stick or liquid blushes. You place the darker shade and near the temples, then a lighter blush in front of it; blend together to create an ombré effect.

Did it work?
This works really well! It’s simple, but it’s a fun way to create various color combinations, such as red and pink, plum and orange, or berry and baby pink. The end result is subtle, but I’m a fan.

What I used: Nudestix Nudies Matte in Salty Siren and Make Beauty Stick (discontinued).

3. Clean makeup look

You’ve seen the clean makeup look on many people, including the Hadid sisters, Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner. It’s a combination of minimal makeup, glowing skin, sometimes a little brown liner flick and lip gloss. The hair is normally slicked back in a tight bun or ponytail. Since the trend was started by celebrities and models, there are many iterations on TikTok, though they’re all quite similar.

I’m not a fan of the word “clean” when describing makeup, since it connotes that anything not like that is “dirty,” but I wanted to give it a go as a fan of no-makeup makeup, which is essentially what this is. It’s a look I’d happily do again, and the result is quite natural and healthy-looking. I made a point of not covering my current spots completely. Since I used a skin tint/CC cream, the coverage is minimal. You don’t have to have “perfect” skin to achieve this look.

4. Glitter hair spray

Shiny glitter looks have become even more popular since “Euphoria” first aired and it’s easy to see why, given the fun and creative results. Glitter hair spray reminds me of my ballet shows and the spray we would put on our buns before the shows. This looks pretty similar, and people on TikTok are big fans of it. I used a generic glitter spray I found, but Claire’s sells one that has sold out multiple times.

I’ve tried this twice and I feel it works better on straight hair. On my wavy texture, it gets lost, or at least the camera doesn’t pick it up. I like how fun this is, but there is a small downside: After you spray, everything nearby will have small glitter particles on it, including your clothes!

5. Hyaluronic acid hack

If you use hyaluronic acid to plump your dry skin but you find it doesn’t work, this hack suggests you need to spray your face with either water or a facial spray after applying your hyaluronic acid, and before applying moisturizer. This hack certainly works, because hyaluronic acid is a humectant that holds 1,000 times its weight in water.

This definitely works! I knew it would, as it’s a technique I generally use. You could even use this trick for other hydrating products like moisturizers. I tried it on half my face first to better demonstrate the difference.

6. Eyeliner filter IRL

You might have seen people trying out a dramatic eye flick filter and tracing it out. The very bold look is perfect for a night out. It’s a little hard to get the shape exactly like the filter, so feel free to adapt it to your own eye shape. To make it easier, you can make a dot at the end of the flick, then slowly trace the lines and fill it in.

There are now a few iterations of this eyeliner filter, including a downturned liner (dubbed the puppy liner), which apparently is ideal for hooded or downturned eyes and those that don’t suit a cat eye.

I loved the end result! I used the Lottie London Stamp Eyeliner, but perhaps a liner in cream form applied with a thin liner brush would work best as I found the liquid liner dried out a little bit. As for the puppy liner, it turned out better than I thought, but I need a bit more practice to make both sides equal.

I also tried the puppy liner here:

7. Jaw highlighter

This trend was accidentally created by Bella Hadid, who was seen at a friend’s birthday with a shiny jawline. A makeup artist on TikTok analyzed that Hadid was probably starting a new “jaw highlight” trend without realizing it. The trick is to apply a highlighter along the jawline and contour a little bit under the jaw. The best type of product for this to blend in well and look as seamless as possible would be a non-glittery highlighter. However, you can top it up with a super-shiny highlighter for extra oomph.

Yes, and the result was better than expected! I will be doing this again in the future, and I will try using various highlighters to find the perfect combination. I used the Lisa Eldridge Elevated Glow Highlighter in Cosmic Rose.

Here’s a video of my experiment:

8. One-dot contour

Contour is an excellent technique to create shadows and change the shape of your face. Megan Lavallie has shared a trick that seems incredibly easy to follow. Contour can often seem daunting to do properly, but this could help.

Yes, and the result really amazed me! I first did just half of my face to compare. As you can see, the difference is obvious: snatched cheekbones with a single, easy step. The trick is to blend very lightly, as that will create the contoured effect.

What I used: Stila Complete Harmony Lip & Cheek Tint in Sunkissed Bronze and blended in with the Merit No.1 brush, as it has a flat top.

Here’s a video of my experiment:

9. Linear concealer

Could this concealer hack simultaneously highlight and cover and also lessen the need for a foundation? The linear concealer seems quite easy to do: start under an eye, go around the nose, around the mouth and add a line under the cheekbone. Then do the same on the other side, and finish by going above the eyebrows and down the nose. A sponge-tipped concealer would probably work the best for this, so you don’t pick up more product than you need. You then add some bronzer in cream, stick or liquid form and blend them together really well.

Did it work?
I’m amazed at how well this worked. Despite having some active breakouts around my mouth, I didn’t feel the need to cover them up more after this technique.

What I used: Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away Liquid Concealer in 05 Medium and Stila Complete Harmony Lip & Cheek Tint in Sunkissed Bronze. I could probably use a shade lighter for my concealer, but I’m really happy with the results.

Here’s a video of my experiment:


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